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7 of the Best Work Jackets for Men

A good jacket can be one of the most important things you own if you work in a cold environment. Your productivity and your health are both at stake, so you’ve gotta find a jacket that will keep you safe. At RefrigiWear, we have dozens of different ways to do it. Whatever you need from your workwear, RefrigiWear makes a jacket that gets the job done—and more. We’ve got light jackets great for layering, heavy-duty winter jackets that will stop the cold dead in its tracks and lots of others for everything in between. We love to offer our customers a whole range of awesome options for jackets every day—and we think you’ll love our jackets just as much as we do.

1. Extreme Softshell Jacket

One of our newest and most advanced models, the Extreme Softshell Jacket is built to go hard. It’s rated for warmth down to a stunning 60 below zero, with 600g of high-tech synthetic insulation, plus a flexible waterproof softshell on top. This jacket’s got all the features you need to stay productive on the job, including pencil and hand warmer pockets, an adjustable waist seal to shut out drafts and HiVis piping for safety.

2. Arctic Duck™ Jacket with Hood

For classic rugged style and protection, you can’t beat a Teflon-coated duck jacket. With a sherpa wool lining, tons of pockets and a longer back to help keep out the cold, the Arctic Duck™ is a favorite of farm and ranch workers and makes the perfect shield against some seriously angry weather. Plus, the iconic styling is a great look for the rugged outdoors person.

3. PolarForce™ Hybrid Fleece Jacket

Another cutting-edge innovation from RefrigiWear, the PolarForce™ Hybrid Fleece jacket truly gives you the best of both worlds. We’ve paired the lightweight performance of a fleece jacket with the durability and insulation power of our PolarForce™ technology to create a killer piece of outerwear that’s light, comfortable and warm. The Hybrid Fleece can be its own outer layer or make a great middle layer for really harsh weather.

4. PolarForce™ Extreme Cold Weather Jacket

Sometimes the lightweight stuff won’t cut it and you need something with both flexibility and insulation power. Our PolarForce™ line has a jacket for that too, the Extreme Cold Weather Jacket, rated for brutal cold all the way down to -40 degrees. This jacket also has the flexibility we build into every PolarForce™ jacket, with Performance-Flex™ technology that gives you the right stretch at all the critical points.

5. Lightweight Diamond Quilted Jacket

With the Lightweight Diamond Quilted Jacket, you can go straight from work to happy hour thanks to this jacket’s great design. But it’s also got the warmth you need, thanks to its 180g insulation and microfiber outer shell. The outer shell isn’t the thin material you find in other quilted jackets, so it’s tougher and more durable to stand up to a long-day’s work. Plus, it makes a great choice for a middle layer.

6. Iron-Tuff® Siberian

Iron-Tuff® is one of our original winter workwear lines, and it’s still going strong over 60 years later thanks to its legendary quality. The Iron-Tuff Siberian is tough, with a mid-length design that locks out the cold trying to sneak up through your waist. Add in over 11 ounces of RefrigiFill™ insulation and a tear-resistant outer shell and you’ve got a beast of a jacket ready to take on the harshest conditions.

7. Chillbreaker® Jacket

When you want a jacket that’s ready to stick with you through every season, choose the Chillbreaker Jacket. The multi-season insulation is heavy enough to keep you toasty in winter without burning you up on a brisk fall day. Its wind-tight design features a knit waistband to keep out drafts and a full-zip fleece-lined collar to seal in your body’s warmth. For everyday protection and performance, you can’t beat the original Chillbreaker®.

Finding the right jacket is seriously important for cold weather protection. You’re making an investment in your health and safety, so don’t settle on something that doesn’t give you the warmth, protection and functionality you need. These seven models, and the rest of RefrigiWear’s jacket offerings, will help you put the cold in its place. If you’re not getting the comfort and durability you need from your jacket, it’s hard to work at your full potential. Think about what you could gain from upgrading to a jacket with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge design to work as hard as you do. Take some time and think it over—we’ve been here since 1954, and we’ll be sticking around for a long time to come.