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Touch Screen Gloves

Improve On-the-Job Performance with Our Field-Tested Touch Screen Gloves

When working with inventory, keypads and touch screens are a necessary part of the job. If you work in the cold, you know why on-the-job data entry can be a tough problem to deal with. Taking your gloves on and off again to use your devices defeats the purpose of wearing gloves in the first place. If you are removing your protection, you are exposing your hands to dangerous conditions.

The bulk that comes with insulation makes using these devices difficult. We started with touchscreen gloves but knew we needed an updated solution for keypads and conditions that require the strongest protection.

Don’t Skip Protection

Even though data entry is vital to your job, there are things you should never do to get the job done.

  • Don’t take your gloves on and off again every time you need to enter data. It is a huge waste of time and effort. It’s also just plain annoying. Plus, if you’re working somewhere with sub-zero temperatures, even a brief exposure can be harmful to your hands.
  • Don’t cut holes in the fingertips of regular gloves; it will seriously shorten the life of your gloves. If you’re working in the cold, you also don’t want to keep your fingertips exposed—they’re typically one of the first areas to fall victim to frostbite.
  • Don’t skip wearing gloves! Not only do you stand a greater risk of injuring your hands, but you also don’t have time to let cold weather get in the way of your productivity.

Types of Touch Screen Gloves

You don’t have to settle for less protection to get the job done. RefrigiWear has three models of device-ready gloves available—in addition to tradition touchscreen gloves, we also have exclusive nib systems: the Key-Rite Nib and the Touch-Rite Nib.

  • Key-Rite Gloves: These feature a specially designed plastic nib piece attached to the index finger of the gloves so you can easily operate devices without removing the gloves that keep your hands safe.
  • Touch-Rite Gloves: A more advanced version of the Key-Rite system, the Touch-Rite nib is another finger nib designed for efficient touch screen operation.
  • Traditional Touchscreen: Gloves with touchscreen compatible thread or fabric on the fingers.

RefrigiWear believes in comfort without compromise, so the Key-Rite and Touch-Rite systems are both built into the gloves with no loss of performance, warmth or comfort. They’re the same hard-working gloves RefrigiWear has always been known for, but with one extra feature that keeps you at maximum performance while still letting you operate keypads and touch screens.

What Models Are Available with the Key-Rite and Touch-Rite Nibs?

You can check you the full offerings for both at the links above, but here are a few of the most popular.

Ergo Goatskin Gloves with Key-Rite Nib:

Flexible, durable and sporting three layers of insulation, the Ergo Goatskin Gloves are a classic RefrigiWear design but with the added power of a Key-Rite nib for super easy data entry. With impact protection and a reinforced thumb crotch for better durability, these gloves will give you long-term performance and comfort.

Extreme Freezer Gloves with Touch-Rite Nib:

A high-performance, ultra-insulated glove for the coldest conditions, complete with Touch-Rite tech. This glove sports 100g Thinsulate® insulation, impact-resistant pads and even a pre-curved ergonomic design for comfort and efficiency.

Insulated High Dexterity Gloves with Touch-Rite Nib:

For workers who need dexterity and flexibility with their Touch-Rite technology, these are just what you’re looking for. They have a lighter and more articulated design, along with pig-grain palm grips that give them extreme gripping and handling power.

Touch-Rite technology is patent-pending and exclusive to RefrigiWear, so we also offer Touch-Rite nibs in replacement packs of 10. You’ll never run out when you need them the most!