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Product Spotlight: Why Pac Boots Are Great for Cold Storage Workers

Working in cold storage means you’re dealing with frigid temperatures every shift. Those cold temps can do a number on your body and hold you back from being your best if you’re not careful. Your feet are particularly vulnerable to low temperatures, water and fatigue, so you need to make sure they’re protected. Fortunately, RefrigiWear Pac Bootsoffer the perfect defense. These heavy-duty insulated boots are built to take the cold, the wet and more—and then do it all over again the next day.

What’s a Pac Boot and What Sets It Apart?

Work boots are designed to handle the hazards of the job. Pac Boots go above and beyond. They’re the best boot for professionals who need the toughest protection, with features that ensure comfort, safety and functionality:

  • Slip-in removable insulated liners with moisture-wicking design
  • Reinforced construction, including steel or composite safety toes and steel or rubber plates
  • Soles designed with grip patterns for traction
  • Waterproof or water-resistant construction
  • Stylish and attractive designs

What Are the Benefits of Pac Boots for Working in Cold Storage?

Why are these boots the leading professional choice for workers in warehouses, labs or other jobs in subzero temps? They features offer awesome value for anyone who needs warm, durable foot protection that will never slow down work performance:

  • Removable liners let you customize the level of warmth you want and keep your boots fresher. Keep your feet dry by switching out liners.
  • Reinforced steel or composite safety toes help protect your feet from crushing, smashing, stubbed toes and other hazards of hard labor.
  • Extreme traction soles help you keep your balance on floors that are slippery from ice or water.
  • Leather, nylon and neoprene uppers give them resistance to water, oil and even some acids.
Of course, each model of RefrigiWear Pac Boots that we sell also includes its own unique set of features—meaning that there’s a great solution for almost everyone’s needs.

What Pac Boots Does RefrigiWear Offer?

We’ve created some great Pac Boots over the years, but our latest model stands apart from the rest—the RefrigiWear Extreme Pac Boot. With features that will keep you warmer, safer and able to do your job better than ever before, this boot is truly the best in class.

  • Removable interior liner with a full 600g of Dri-Blaze insulation provides the perfect combo of moisture control and extreme warmth.
  • The innovative BOA Fit System lets you easily make the fit more snug or loose with just the turn of a dial. Never take your gloves off to adjust your boots again!
  • Waterproof performance protects your feet from the dangers of staying wet in a cold environment.
  • RefrigiWear’s signature VitaComfort™ system is an advanced five-layers of comfort gel padding and sole layers that provides extra support to help ward off foot fatigue.
If you’re looking for the best way to protect your feet against the challenges of working in cold storage, look no further than RefrigiWear Pac Boots. They’re created specifically for hard-working folks like you.