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Beat the cold into submission. Our Coldest Weather gear is designed for when the thermometer is in the negatives - or it just feels that way. No need to be scared - you'll be toasty no matter how low the temp drops. Polar vortexes, crazy wind-chills, months with no sun - whatever is causing the extreme temps you face, we have the jackets, bibs, headwear, gloves and boots to meet your needs. With our Coldest Weather Gear you can winter-over in Antarctica and the subzero temps won't stop you from being outside. Make Old Man Winter say uncle - you've got RefrigiWear in your corner. Extreme cold weather makes getting outside hard. That's why we created products that keep you protected in extreme subzero temps, even down to -60°F. We've got the best winter jackets for extreme cold - the best bibs, coveralls, headwear, boots and gloves too! Our Extreme, Iron-Tuff and PolarForce collections can handle the lowest temps. With our Coldest Weather products you won't just survive winter, you'll thrive in it.