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The Fishing Wire | If you're hard on your outdoors gear--and I tend to be--the Refrigiwear Arctic Duck Jacket may be the coat for you. This hip-length jacket is made of an exceptionally heavy duck material... Read More

Hunting The First State | While many people consider fishing to be a warm-weather endeavor, many anglers brave colder temperatures to pursue fish throughout the fall, winter, and early spring. Rather than heading to their favorite fishing holes in shorts and t-shirts...
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GearFlogger | So here's an idea: for those outside jobs where you need to stay warm while getting some real work done, work that may involve heavy weights, sharp edges and the potential for permanent stains, get a jacket designed for the job.Read More

Morning Moss | Fall and winter fishing can be insanely fun, but it can also be very cold. That is, unless you have the right gear. Refrigiwear is a brand that’s been catering to the commercial cold weather gear space for years, but their jackets are great for fishing too. Read More

Snowgrrl |  Historically worn by and geared towards industrial workers who need insulated clothing, accessories, and personal protective equipment for use in subzero temperatures, inclement weather, and low-visibility environments, RefrigiWear’s offerings this season also appeal to a wider audience! Read More

Steez Magazine |  Refrigiwear makes insulated work wear – everything from jackets to vests to gloves to boots. Their “Horizontal Puffer Jacket” is one of the top jackets that they offer, and does a great job at keeping you warm in cold environments... Major points for that. Read More

Hiking the Trail |  The RefrigiWear Fleece is a warm well made and will keep you warm. Now that the weather here in Arizona has cooled off this has been a great light weight jacket to wear for everyday life as well handy for day hikes. The fleece weight wise is heavier than most jackets I would normally take on day hikes, Read More