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Suburban Jungle | I have spent my entire life in the upper midwest - just a stone's throw away from the Canadian border. The coldest I remember was negative 65 F in the late nineties. I walked 2 miles to school that day. It was cold!!

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Road Trips for Familes | If you have plans for winter camping, consider the Thermal Knit Mask from RefrigiWear for both comfort and safety. The thermal knit layer offers warmth for your head and neck, while the quilted face guard and detachable mouthpiece provide additional protection against the elements. 
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Staying Close to Home | Do you live in a cold climate, then you need to buy your guy something from RefrigiWear, a leader in cold-weather gear.  RefrigiWear products are for or anyone that enjoys the outdoors even when the temperatures drop. For outdoor recreation and activities like gardening, we can offer a range of products that are suitable. 
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Oregon Live | This time of year the fall and winter weather can be quite unpredictable. Weather extremes may range from showers and rainstorms, to cold and wind, to deep freezes or snow and everything in-between. And there can even be times when you get a weather mix of extremes all in one day...Read More

Peachtree Roadies | It’s officially COLD in Georgia at 6:45 AM when my pup Bocephus decides he absolutely, 100% cannot wait a single moment longer to go outside for his morning walk. The kind of cold that definitely requires a hood – but not a floor length parka. ... Read More

Broken Teepee | I am very pleased to be back with another great piece from RefrigiWear today – I am so happy to share this company with you. RefrigiWear provided the clothing for review but all the opinions are my own – and the hubby’s. Last week I showed you the Flex-Wear Top. The hubby is very happy with it – I can hardly get it off of him to run it through the washer! It’s one of many holiday gift ideas that RefrigiWear has for you this season and beyond... Read more

Snowshoe Magazine | RefrigiWear’s ComfortGuard Gloves are a decent pair for a bargain price. Though it’s not without its flaws, the ComfortGuard Glove from RefrigiWear is an exceptionally priced, surprisingly comfortable winter glove. Read More

Broken Teepee | Are you in need of a women’s winter jacket? I was and am very glad that RefrigiWear sent me their Vertical Puffer Jacket. It’s available in four colors, black, turquoise, purple and plum – I chose plum. Plum is really pink if you ask me – you can judge when you see the photos... Read more