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Gear That Works When You Do – Outdoor Protection for Airport / Airline Employees

Airports run even when the weather is bad – so as an airport / airline employee, you need protection for a range of temperatures and conditions, from cold weather to torrential downpours. At RefrigiWear, we know how important cold weather protection is for airline / airport employees. That is why we offer a wide range of cold weather gear, from ANSI certified HiVis gear and electrical hazard compliant boots to coats rated for -60° F, performance gloves with impact protection and rainwear for any season. With our full line of jackets, pants, headwear, gloves and more, RefrigiWear will help you stay warm and protected. 

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Best boots ever!

Submitted on 3/27/2019 7:19 PM by Dani from Aberdeen,SD

I bought the polar force hiker boots based on a review by an airport worker in my region. I refuel and tow aircraft at a busy airport (KABR) and have been doing so for 20 years. We work in any and all conditions, many times for 2 hours at a time. The only way my feet would stay warm is if I wear shoes with insulated rubber over boots. I hated the bulk, so I found these on a Facebook ad. With the hiker boot cut, my feet lost a lot of the bulk you would normally have with winter boots. This winter, we had -30 degrees F as a low for several weeks during our busy time outside. We had -60°F with windchill, blowing snow, and outside for an hour and never got cold except our fingers and faces. I dont care who you are, that's brutal. I also spent 4 hours outside when it was 0 and in a blizzard. My feet never got cold once! I also have bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, and flat feet. I had no problem standing on concrete and the grip is fabulous. I have very wide feet and these fit great, no squeezing. The only thing I dont like is that they come untied frequently. I'll take that problem over cold feet anyday. These folks know how to make a boot. Plus, I changed the filters on our jet refueler and got jet fuel all over my feet. Yes, these boots are definantly water proof. I also stood in a water puddle up to the laces with no leakage. I will definantly buy these again and will recommend them all day long!